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Health & Safety

Protecting the health and safety of all employees and visitors is our number one priority. AquaTox is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work place. Our policies and procedures are in place to protect employees from injury or illness. Through AquaTox’s Health and Safety Program, we strive to:

  • Identify and manage the environment, health and safety risks and hazards to which our employees are exposed;

  • Minimize the environmental aspects and impacts associated with the services we provide;

  • Help our employees develop an awareness & understanding of the environmental & health safety issues related to their work;

  • Recognize the importance of supporting the Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) and consult JHSC when developing and implementing health and safety policies, programs and procedures;

  • Communicate our Health and Safety Policy to all employees;

  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions for all employees by meeting or exceeding legislative requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, regulations, and appropriate industry standards; and

  • Monitor and enhance the program through inspections, audits, reviews, investigations and corrective actions.

Employee Health and Wellness

AquaTox believes employees are the key to our success. We are committed to providing a great place to work and believe every team member needs to be healthy, safe and happy both at work and at home. In support of this, we have a full-time HR Generalist and we provide a comprehensive extended benefits program (including an enhanced Employee Assistance Program) to support employee well-being.   

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