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Consider the AquaTox team an extension of YOUR TEAM, where your routine and specialized testing requirements and deadlines are supported by our experienced technicians, scientific and professional consulting staff who assist with study design, data interpretation, negotiations with regulatory agencies and design of cost effective solutions. ​​

Meet just a few of the people on YOUR TEAM . . .
Lesley Novak, M.Sc.

President, Director of Laboratory Services

25+ years experience

Shawna Kirkpatrick, Technical Dip.    

Laboratory Manager

30+ years experience

Martina Rendas, Technical Dip.    

Project Manager, Sediment & Marine Technical Manager

30+ years experience

Conrad Neufeld, B.Sc.     

Project Manager

10 years experience

Adam Wartman, B.Sc.     

Junior Project Manager

10 years experience

Dr. Lisa Taylor, Ph.D. 

Vice President, Senior Ecotoxicologist

20+ years experience

Dr. Paula Antunes, Ph.D., E.P. 

Senior Research Scientist

20+ years experience


Renata Dorosz, Technical Dip.    

Assistant Laboratory Manager

25+ years experience


Stephanie Folz, B.Sc.    

QA Officer

15 years experience

Tori Carleton, BA

Junior Project Manager / GLP Coordinator

12 years experience

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